If you are running a local small business and have looked into running a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign, chances are you’ve run into the term "citation" or "web citation". What’s citation? Well let’s discuss this topic.

What Is A Citation?
A citation is the information needed to locate the article (or book) you are interested in reading. So is the citation works only for book or article? For common situation, the answer is yes. But SEO undirectly running this citation. With a company name, logo and many more. Some examples of citations might include a listing on an online phone directory or the member page of a chamber of commerce or other industry association. If your business sponsors a charity and they list you as a sponsor on their website, or you make a presentation at a local college and they list you and your company to promote the event, those are also citations.

Why Are Citations Good?
Citations are good for business regardless of any effect they have on your online marketing. Anytime someone mentions your business on their website they’re bringing attention to you and providing you with exposure to potential customer or clients. But when it comes to SEO there is an added dimension in search engines pay attention to citations, and of course it will bring more web traffic, and more web traffic means more customers.

So ready to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and citation method for your small local business?

Launching New Brand With Popular Method

Launching a new brand and new website with a popular Search Engine Optimization (SEO) method can be more easy to increase your web traffic. but there are several things that should be noted to make this method is running properly. Here are the tips

1. Check The URL Of Your Web

Many visitors hate if your web redirect your URL Web. To prevent that, make a table with excel and check periodically and of course make a content and put it on URL Categories. This is necessary to anticipate the missing of your web content.

2. Analytics Before Website Launced

There is so much important thing more that you can see with a little customization, and you need to think about what makes most sense for you. For us, there were four big ones :

  • Enhanced in-page to see where people were clicking.
  • Page scrolling to see how far down people were going on our pages.
  • Event tracking to see how people interacted with our video.
  • Event tracking to see how often people clicked on our contact information.

3. Sitemaps

If your URLs are changing, so will your sitemaps. Don't forget to generate a new XML sitemap and resubmit me that GWT to speed up indexation of your new site. Make a multiple XML are better, one of our main site and one for our blog.

With some tips above, launching a new brand and a new website is more easy with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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